My name is Jimmy Butts.  I have been a painter for a great part of my life.  I believe it is a gift from God.   My home town is Columbus, Georgia.  I did not have any formal art training; however there was an art teacher that thought I had the ability to be an artist.  Although my teacher encouraged me to take art classes, I choose not to. Occasionally I would participate in art contests and was further encouraged when I won first place in quite a few competitions.

In my junior year of high school, my art teacher (Mr. Ford) compiled some of my drawings and submitted them to an art institute of higher learning.  I was offered a scholarship to attend art school, however, I chose to stay in public school and play football.

Several years later I regained my interest in painting.  I joined an art organization called Allied Arts in Richland, WA. where I produced quality paintings.  While working with the Allied Arts organization, I had the opportunity to try different styles of paintings and during that process I eventually developed a style I call sketch painting and incorporated that style with the impressionistic style.

At one point, I decided that I would try to paint with a brush in the same manner as sketching with a pencil. I found during the development of the style called sketch painting, that some of the bristles on the brushes were either too long or too soft. I soon discovered the right brushes were available for sketch painting. I then started to sketch more often with a brush, shading in the colors as needed.  This style of painting gives the results similar to pencil or charcoal sketching which leaves an end result similar to that of a photograph.

I also enjoy working with glass, wood carving and creative design.


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